Monday, July 31, 2006


actly i planned to go pyramid today
planned to sneak out school
unfortunately it's raining so i hav to cancel my plan
but shopping is still going
then i decide go to sacc mall by myself
around 2.30 pm i grak to sacc
bile smpai je kat tmpat parking
chu bru je kuar dr parking dgn jubin
x smpat la meet them
then i eat my lunch at kfc
hav new menu
bbq cheezy melt kot nama dia
n some cheezy wedges
rasa bbq cheezy melt tuh x la sdap mana
lagi sdap rasanya kalu aku buat senduri
then msa makn sorg2 tuh ternampak la seseorg yg dikenali
cm ain, magrin nye crush
pastuh ain pon nmpak me n she smile at me
then goin to sacc
1st go to mph n read some magazines
tu la best gi mph
can read for free
afta dat went to FOS
guess wat?
most of da shirt only cost RM 10
rambang mata taw
i bought two shirts only
suddenly dpt msg from enie
megat's mom just passed away
sian megat
but dr last year kot his mom sakit
enie wants me to accompony her 2mrw
but not sure if i can go cos i hav class

Friday, July 28, 2006

class party

it's class party today!
but b4 our class party
we ask lingam ow was da case
thnks god..
they all sumer x ditangkap polis
smlm diorg kna pegi balai polis sec 11
sumer parents dtg
loga, chandra, lingam, coklet n partiban oso..!
pastu parents bdak gemok yg kna blasah tu minta duit 1 keluarga RM 1500
bnyk gilew x leh bla...
gilew agaknye
mayb nk guna buat bnda lain
tp yg best nye dgr cerita
partiban blasah stephen tuh..
puas ati gilew la bile dgr..thnks partiban ;)
after recess da party started
tp kna tnggu bariah agak lama
n beah plak x blk2 kelas
ntah apa kna dgn dia pon aku x fhm
then posing2 dulu tangkap gamba dgn kek
i bought german black forest cake ...emmm..yummy
after recess d
a party started
tp kna tnggu bariah agak lama
n beah plak x blk2 kelas
ntah apa kna dgn dia pon aku x fhm
then posing2 dulu tangkap gamba dgn kek
ummi dan anak n bariah
i bought german black forest cake..yummy!
happy bday bariah n haziqah
mempromote kek
sedang mnyalakan lilin
kek terbakar ;)
adegan suap-menyuap
i oso brought mashed potato n sandwich
after potong kek bg chandra kek n sandwich
tehnafter dat we chit chat smpai blk..
da pics coming soon afta seh lee buy cable today kot
thnks sally 4 being a photographer today

Monday, July 17, 2006

MUET result

last nite i cant sleep tight
cos rly worried n anxious bout muet result
i try to check via sms but my credz is expired i tink
da la smlm x dpt tgk gol n gincu smpai abis cos my dad just back from mak noi's hse
then i wake up early today around 5.30 am after i awake evry hour last nite
damn cant hav enough sleep
after taking bath n pray i on9 to check my muet result tru internet
unfortunately dat mpm website stil x bleh check
then i went upstairs again
took my dad's fon n send sms to mpm
n guess wat..????
i got band 4 for muet
im quite happy for my result
then i told my mum n hug her :)
then i keep on9 until 7am
i oso check chu's result n she oso got same band as mine
at school i arrived quite late around 7.23 am
my frens ask me whether i hav checked my result
then i just said noo...:p
seh lee oso got band 4 then i tell her la..
at school evrybody is freaking cuak to know their result
after assembly my class again win kelas terkotor of da week
welll....i da agak pon since last week our bakul sampah is alwis full
pn thilagai is rly mad at us
she ask chu to find the marks
nk tgk apa yg kotor sgt
pegi la cari cikgu tu satu skola
pnat gilew
masa rehat evrybody cm da taw their resul
chan, thary, salini , lazarus, mag got band 5
others n especially sc 1 got band 3 n 4
hmm..actly im very sleepy
cannot concentrate in class
then i ckp ngan cik saidin i want to go 2 toilet but i actly i went to canteen to buy food.heheheh
masa bio bincang dgn bariah nk masak pew masa our bday
bariah ckp nk buat spagheeti n it's quite a gud idea
dat's all 4 now

Monday, July 10, 2006

my 1st blog

it is my 1st blog i ever type..hehehhe
actly im not interested writing a blog or mayb a diary
but after read some articles from REMAJA magazine cm rasa best je nk tulis blog
n seh lee oso has her own blog here
i will not active writing a blog now
mayb afta finish my STPM n got nuthin 2 do so mayb i wll be actively writing blogs
ok it's all from me now..