Monday, March 17, 2008

tag - lama tak buat survey..huhu

Tagged by nurul ( done at 12pm )

1) try to fit your full name with the word "poo" : haziqahpoo aunipoo ..hehe..cumel ;p

2) two feelings at the moment : sleepy n full

3) what are you listening to right now : nuthin

4) part of a song lyric that is in your mind : "seharum kasturi seindah pelangi segalanya bermula…”

5) the highlight of your week : forum maulidur rasul

6) what are you craving to have right now : mummy’s cooking, sambalikan cencaru !

7) unforgettable childhood memories : naik basikal jatuhlongkang..haha

8) dreadful memories: doing very bad things in da past

9) what are your nicknames : iqa, ziqah

10) your 3 plans for tomorrow : wake up early, go printing and settle kn hal forum

11) are you thinking of someone now : i think of my vice president cos he is mennggelikan..haha

12) are you single : yes

13) what do you want by the end of the year: already have my own camera ;)

14) say anything you want to whoever is reading your blog : I luv my blog I luv people/s feedback ;)

15) are you feelin hungry : tak lagi cos da mkn bnyk tadi..hehe

16) who are you missing right now : my’s really hard to live far away from family u know..

17) last friend you talked to online : izzarief

18) what do you like about night time : sleeping la..aiyahh

19) if you visit a farm, what would you like to see : sheep?

20) when you were a kid, what would you want to be : so many things I want 2 be, teacher, doctor, lecturer

21) last gift from your parents : money I think..

22) do you like it : of course! Money who dun like maa….

23) do you play an instrument : nop

24) what song did you last hear : cannot remember

25) people you hate most : org2 yg islam tp pura2 kununnye islam sagt..islam hadhari kununnye

26) who was the last person to make you laugh : dee n ejah ;)

27) what makes you smile : delicious mummy’s food!

28) what do you want right now : mum’s cooking

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