Tuesday, April 17, 2007

its been a long tymmmeeeee

owh today i decide to blog in english cos my english is getting realy2..bad! and im blogging very da skema.sory for a lots grammar mistake dat i do ..huhu

last saturday dyra ask me to company her to go shopping at mid valley. and i just say ok since i also want to buy some stuff and it's been a year i've not jejak kan kaki ke mid valley !
ahha da last time i went to mid valley wit my ex-bf,syukri..

we went there by komuter.and reach there at 12.30 pm.so da search of our stuff begin ! we enter most of da shops in mid valley = zara, MNG, topshp, miss selfrige, roxy, MPH, metrojaya..just name it..but after 2 hours walking non stop we stil dun get anything for us..

owh.. after keluar from MNG, we saw crowd in front of MAC shop . n my 1st thougt is MAC has launched its new collection - Barbie loves MAC collection. n guess wat ? we take pictures wit da human barbie.whoah ! but da human barbie not really pretty la..but sory guys i can upload da pics right now since da pics are taken using dyra's fon.n we get a small pieces of snacks serve by da cute boys there..hahaha :p

pergh..after so damn tired walkin we decide to take our lunch 1st ..dyra bought popia n i decide to have dunkin donuts for my lunch.. there's a new promotion at dunkin donuts..da ice latte ! da sample of ice latte taste great but its fucking pahit when we bought it ;( n we dapat a scratch n win card n we get another donut..owh we have donuts wit da chocolate filled inside it n bendera donut ..fuhh..so full just eating da donut ok !

at last i bought some shirts dat i love n not regret to buy it.fuhhh...!

bought from : metrojaya
brand : Googles
price : RM 49.90
comments : owh..dis is my my faveret shirt ever..cos its been a long tyme i've searched for da stripes shirt. but it's quite sexxay at da chest.lalala

bought from : metrojaya
brand : plasticue
price : RM 54.90
comments : dyra ask me to buy dis shirt bcos da caption of da shirt "hello, my name is GORGEOUS "

bought from : PDI
brand : PDI
price : RM 24.90
comments : heh actually da price is RM 49..90 but then i get 50% discount.heeeeeee

nk jiwang jap :P emm..mid valley mnyimpan bnyk knangan aku di sana. evry single place there remind me a lot of sweet memories wit my luv one long tyme ago.hotdog 1901, da seats in front of roxy, da seats at da level 2 at north court, da stairs n da bridge at KTM station..buat aku jadi rindu knangan silam ku..hmmmmmmmmm.........

my aunt, kak ma (cuzin)

kak oti ( cuzin )n kak ma, kak ma's fiance : abg yunus

sunday, in da evening i visited my uncle hse at damansara cos hekna kayap on his face..ouch pity him.my mum said kayap is vry painful apatah lagi if kna kat muka kn..

actually my parents dun want to bring their children to my uncle's hse..ye la..nk melawat org sakit so cm agak myusah kan if bawa kanak2..
i said to my mum i wanna go cos its been a long tyme i dun meet my beautiful cuzins kak ma n kak oti n my luvly aunt, mak noi ..! kak ma brings her fiance abg yunus to my uncle's hse too..abg yunus tu kn snyap je..busan btul x leh nk kaco2..hahha

owh my uncle is getting better. he can angkat paper lama yg bnyk setimbun tuh ! so kire he da ok la ..

my uncle's wife serve us nasi lemak n its taste really gud..da lama x mkn nasi lemak sesedap ini..huhu

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