Wednesday, April 25, 2007

more money plzz...!

im broke !!!
wit da only RM 97 in my wallet..
i spend :

1) 2 tudung cost RM 35 each

2. have a tea set at secret recipe ; cheese brownies + coffee cost RM 11.50

3. magazines ; cleo (it is MUST buy magazine every month ), EH! ( i bought it bos fara fauzana is da cover girl !! ) , seventeen (cuupacakes recipe inside..i rly2 wanna try ! ) . all total RM 19

n now there's no money left in my wallet..
but i need money to buy more stuff !!!
n i cannot go anywhere..cannot hang out wit frens..
cannot go to msjbox gathering..( of cos la..!)

owh..nyway wanna wish sultan mizan for officially being agong tomorrow
n those who are not working tomorrow..happy holiday!!!

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