Sunday, July 29, 2007

ita pegi meninggal kan ku..

i just know her since orientation week in UDM
at 1st she looks like a kinda weird to me
cos masa ceramah, when da penceramah make jokes..
she dun even smile when other people laugh..
n da way she wears her tudung pon a kinda weird..huhu

but after i know her..
n we get more closer..
we rly b a gud frens..
we share hot gossips, talk about her bfs n my crushes
share happy moments n sad situation
we rly like sisters

she is younger than me, she is 18 actly..
so she call me ' kak ' obviously..
owh she also in beruang gang wich i alwis mention her name in dis blog " si temah"
in UDM, she stdy in diploma of IT n we r in da same faculty "faculty informatic"
her bday is a day after my bday which on 21st july
so we kinda clberet our bday 2gether
she loves choc so much n she can finish a bottle of nutella by herself
she rly loves teddy bear since she brings her small teddy evrywhere even to da class n some guys ejek her cos bring da teddy anywhere
she is very manja n she alwis giv us a very warm hugs n kisses when we meet her

every morning, i often meet her b4 i go to my class
she will accompany me breakfast at cafe n we chatting bout ourselves n any hot gossips

bout now she is offered scholarship to further her stdy in institusi perguruan in kl
b4 go to oversea ( might be new zealand or australia ) in diploma of TESL
n she moves out from UDM
n she left me ..

owh i know i stil have my another beruang frens
but it still not same without her
wit her i can talk about anything
i can say about anything without feeling shy

but saye harus mnerima hakikat
dia pegi utk blaja..
utk mnuntut ilmu
n i hav to let her go

on da day she want to move out from UDM
which on friday, 27.7.2007
we hugged her 2gether
but i still not crying
but after i give her a single hug
my tears roll down dgn deras
n i rly feel like khilangan ..
n i still wanna cry when i write dis entry

i love u my dear sis , ita !
i rly feel like lost sumthin precious in my life !

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