Thursday, May 29, 2008

my best fren's bday

its mt best fren's , izatun zaid or we call her eton..birthday !
she turns 21 on 26th may
but we clbrte her bday yesterday
since evryone is bz wit their life..

susah btul 5 org kwn ni kumpol rmai2..
always sum1 is missing in action
but finally yesterday we can clbrte eton's bday
n everyone is around..

i ordered BBQ roasted chicken n choc chips milkshake
but cannot finish da meal
even im hungry like heaven when i came to da restaurant

owh da pics above is da pics i love most
sweet huh?

n i dunno why im writing in english in dis entry
just feeling like talking in english even i know my english is bad..
haha..if i dun speak in english now
later i will 4get ow to speak english..
sokmo kecek kelate n cakap ganu jah..haha

may Allah bless u..
n frenship 4 ever
lebiu !