Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My First Job

Currently working as Web & SEO Analyst at Nexus Mediaworks Sdn. Bhd.

Our products are website with SEO or without

I have very cool colleague and super cool boss ! 

Which colour is my business card? Nak? Meh ar cni :p


Cik Suheela said...

bestnya dah koje..
boss yg best pulak tu ;)
i jgk yg xkeje2 huhu

aunieZ said...

hoho best2..npe x kje lg..jom cri kje cpt2 ;)

Fahmi Raazali said...

mcm gempak je keje :-)

Rain said...

makin cun la kak iqa ni. dh ada pkwe lum? hihi

all da best syg. im proud of u

aunieZ said...

fahmi : hoho x gmpak mne

rain : hehe ada ke x ek :p tq syg :) all da best to u too

Anonymous said...

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