Tuesday, October 28, 2008

macam2 spnjang syawal

Majlis Anugerah dekan FITS , 9 October 2008, pkul 2-6pm ,DKU
27 org penerima anugerah dr ijazah sc comp, diploma IT n diploma Multimedia n im one of them.he hopefully boleh dapat lagi for dis sem but its kinda hard la but have 2 work hard for it still got time wat he plz pray for me mak n abah. Owh then after da event got a forum conduct by mr suhailan n da ahli panel are lecturers who went to India to further their study.they story2 to us how da learning method in India n guess wat? They got to do 10 assignment per day n have to submit them the next day.whoah.then got mentor mentee session .my mentor encik che mat promised to treat us during study week hehe last but not least eating time ! hee..very delicious curry mee wit kerang inside yummy!

FITS diner on 11 October 2008 at terengganu equestrian resort (TER). Owh very tired dat night since in da morning til evening we got taekwondo tournament at UMT .then straight away at night went to da diner. Not very grand diner but ok la..da food is quite good n worth it la 2 pay RM 35 for it. Da place or da hall is big but not so many people came so tak meriah sgt.but da worst is da smell of da sh*t of da horse eeeww

Raya @ pn Connie house , our system ,analysis and design lecturer on 12 Oct 2008. 4 cars and 3 motorcycles from my class went raya to her house .owh pn connie is a very marvelous chef. I luv her laksa terengganu even at first quite scared to try it.very delicious ok. Then got bbq chicken .my boys classmate yg tolong bakar. Got satay ,nasi dagang also he

Raya again but now organize by PERKIM on 17 Oct 2008. Im da secretariat jaga bahagian protocol , sambut2 tetamu. At first not so many student come n da vip pon come quite late ..err..very late actually. Lebih sejam lambat. But then da majlis very meriah n im hepy n satisfied wit da majlis he

Jamuan raya UDM buat at perkarangan pejabat asrama baru on 22nd Oct 08. nasib baik buat da jamuan b4 I went to taekwondo camp kalu tak merana la saya. He owh da nasi minyak sgt sedap. Especially da lauk la..tak ingat sgt lauk dia apa but I think beef curry pastu ada la 2 -3 jenis lauk lagi.owh da jamuan organized by hepa n new mpp members. Actually I wait for new president n vice president come to da jamuan but they came quite late n I da balik la..mantan presiden also came late since he got another jamuan raya..erk..
Got da smpai2kan ucapan tu n for da 1st time i bagi ucapan but not using my name la using my blog name he

owh ignore my english. i know its very cacat since its been a long tyme i never speak talk write merepek in english but suddenly want to merepek in english haha


HAVOC said...

hmm, wait 4 new president n vice? there were still no portfolio, so no president yet. :)

aunieZ said...

ahha..but da ada mpp bayangan bukan..he

Anonymous said...

maylish??? malay + english...hm ade sorng tu pun akhir ni tuka bhasa blog pd maylish...anyway ok gk kn..bole improve ckit2 pnguasaan bhasa..